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Condiments from Moulins Mahjoub

Moulins Mahjoub is an exceedingly serious and able farming family in Tunisia which Paula Wolfert describes most accurately as the Nuñez de Prado of Tunisia. They own olive groves in Téboura, a town in North Central Tunisia, west of Tunis, which was the site of a Carthaginian olive oil mill over 2,000 years ago. The family's mill contains large stones used to grind the handpicked olives to a paste, which is then pressed in ancient gear presses driven by leather belts. Decantation of the oil from the vegetable water is by a unique process of hand skimming called "a la feuille." Processing of the table olives takes place on the farm. Production of all Mahjoub products is organic.

Table Olives
The olive variety of the Niçoise is Sahli. These small, unsalty olives (salt content 7%) have a distinctive firmness to the flesh. The curing process utilizes some mountain herbs, the composition of which is a family secret. Jars are 400 grams with a net weight of 210 grams. The variety of the lemon-fennel olive is Muski. The outstanding flavor of these unsalty olives is true lemon and fennel. The distinctive preparation results in the stone falling cleanly away from the crunchy flesh. Both preparations meet kosher standards. Jars are 400 grams with a net weight 200 grams.
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Olive Pâté
The Mahjoub family also processes their Niçoise olives into the best olive pâté we've ever had. The May 2000 issue of Gourmet Magazine has especially nice things to say.
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Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Tunisia is famous for high quality tomatoes, and the sun-dried ones of Moulins Mahjoub have been described by some of our Foodie Friends as the best ever. The 400 gram jars (net weight 370 g) also contain some of Mahjoub's wild mountain capers.
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Wild Mountain Capers
Mahjoub's capers are picked in the Tunisian mountains, dried in sea salt, and packaged in 100 gram jars. When reconstituted, the quantity is equal to about 400 grams of capers packed in brine. As opposed to many commercial capers in brine that have little taste other than vinegar and salt, the Mohjoub capers have distinctive taste of their own.
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Piquant Orange Slices
The orange variety used in this exceptional condiment is akin to the semi-bitter Sevilla type, but we think even better. Try it with fresh goat cheese at breakfast. Cases contain fifteen 265 gram jars. The overwhelmingly positive reaction at the 1998 San Fransisco Fancy Food Show introduction was the latest evidence that Moulins Mohjoub is currently offering some of the finest food products anywhere.
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Pimenton 'La Dalia'

Pimenton is often compared with Hungarian paprika (which descended from Spanish pimenton.) It is a powder ground from the Capsicum annum pepper in the case of the sweet variety and the cerasiforme subspecies in the case of the semi-hot product. The peppers are roasted over the hot night fires of pedunculate or holm oak. Cultivation began with the JerÛnimos monks from the Yuste Monastery in the 16th century in La Vera region of western Spain. The best pimenton is made, as it has been for four generations, by the Hernández family who Rogers International is proud to represent in the United States. It is sold in the attractive tins shown in the accompanying picture.

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